Voice of the Sky

Meet Announcer Bob,

The Voice of the Sky

Talking at TCC

I’ve been in the air show business since 1990.  As a founding director of the Santa Fe Air Show in New Mexico, I helped to plan the show, contract with acts and plan budgets.  I also served as public relations and marketing director for the show.
My experience as a talk radio host allowed me to combine my affinity for aviation with my enthusiasm for entertaining to become the show’s announcer.. Within a couple of years I added Angel Fire and Tucumcari to my schedule and have done shows in the Rocky Mountain region ever since.
Since moving to Colorado Springs in 1997, I have broadened my reach to become the announcer for numerous air shows in the Rocky Mountain West. I also announce parades, including the largest Welcome Home the Troops parade in 2004, and other special events.
Having been on the business as well as the performance/show side of air shows, I understand how all the pieces must fit together to make your air show a success. As your announcer, I am the vital link between the air boss, your audience, your sponsors and your other performers. I bring your audience into the cockpit. I describe the maneuvers tell the fans what the pilot is doing in the cockpit. My microphone setup lets your audience hear directly from the pilots as they perform.
Perhaps most important, I know the performers, and I will get to know your sponsors and your fans. I would like to become the voice of your air show.
If you can’t find an answer to your questions on my website – please call me or click on the contact link and send me an email.