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The ICAS Foundation receives its financial support from generous donors – both corporate and individual; and from the silent auction held each year at the annual ICAS convention. To learn more about the Foundation and how you can help support its good work, please visit the website.

Hall of FameHOF Plaques at Frontiers of Flight

Each year at the ICAS convention, the Foundation inducts honorees into the Hall of Fame. Inductees have included some of the great names in aviation and air shows.  Many are performers, but others are folks that deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the air show world.

HOF Plaques at Frontiers of Flight 2

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The International Council of Air Shows Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history, and recognizing the advances of, the air show industry. Its mission is to provide the necessary resources to leave a lasting legacy of our industry for others to follow and perpetuate. This great organization raises money each year toward the achievement of eight goals:

  1. To recognize and preserve the legacy of the aerial performer.

  2. To engage in the identification and preservation of articles or artifacts of historical value to the airshow industry.

  3. To document the production, sponsorship, promotion, and organization of the air show industry from the beginning of flight to the present time.

  4. To initiate programs and/or awards in commemoration of those who have contributed to the air show industry.

  5. To undertake programs to educate and enhance the knowledge of the public about the air show industry.

  6. To assist families of those in the air show industry who have been struck by tragedy.

  7. To support the pilots and performers of the future through scholarship programs.


Scholarships – The ICAS Foundation administers a number of aviation related scholarships. Each of the different scholarships is targeted toward specific aviation programs, and several have specific eligibility criteria. All of them can help people pursue or enhance their career in aviation. For more information check the Foundation page

Family Support

The Foundation maintains a family fund to provide short-term financial assistance to members of the air show industry who have suffered a catastrophic event. It provides the help when it is needed the most.