Scott Lane Air Shows

Falling fom the sky

Scott Lane

I first met Scott in 2009 at Tucumcari – one of his first air shows. Turned out this ag pilot from West Texas knew a thing or two about airplanes and flying them in unusual attitudes.When I watched Scott perform in his Pitts S2B, with its 260 horsepower engine and great aerobatic performance, I could see that this was someone who loved his flying and worked hard at it.

This farm boy originally from Dimmitt, Texas, had a yearning to fly from the time he was a youngster watching the crop-dusters do their thing in the fields. He earned his private and commercial licenses before he left his teens and began working as an aerial ranch hand. He currently is a civilian contract pilot for the State Department doing unique ag operations.

Scott has received aerobatic training from some of the best, including Sean D. Tucker and Wyche t. Coleman. Scott is currently a Certified Flight Instructor and instructs in aerobatics in Lubbock, TX.