Bob Carlton - Vertigo Air Shows

Bob Carlton - Vertigo Airshows

Bob's graceful ballet

I know only one pilot in the world who performs in both sailplanes (or gliders) and a jet - all at the same time.  Bob and I started in the air show business about the same time, but he has been flying all types of non-powered aircraft since he was a teen. Early on Bob had to find tow planes and pilots to get him up to altitude. Then he bought a Steen Skybolt and hired Mike Stogner, also an accomplished sailplane pilot, to tow for him. That meant taking two planes to every show.

Carlton abovve the ditch

Being the rocket scientist that he is, Bob took the mext step and mounted two microjets on a retractable mount - enabling him to take off under his own power and perform low-level aerobatics.

Never satisfied, Bob contiued to add power and improve performance. Bob now flies a Super Salto with 225 pound thrust jet engine. The result is a unique and exciting air show performance.